Friday, August 27, 2010

A local Police perspective of the Gun Registry

The Canadian Firearms Program is a valuable community safety tool used hundreds of times a year by officers and should be maintained, Woodstock Police Service Chief Rod Freeman said Thursday.
But Oxford MP Dave MacKenzie, a former police chief, remains opposed to the long-gun registry.

(Of course Dave is just another of 148 other CONs lapdogs that Harper has intimidated to submission)

Freeman made his comments in the wake of a recent Edmonton conference of Canadian chiefs of police that endorsed the registry. Attended by Deputy Chief Daryl Longworth, the conference members drafted a strategy that reflected their support of the Canadian Firearms Program

"The Woodstock Police Service fully supports the long-gun registry, specifically its benefits to officer safety," Freeman said. "There was a lot of political unrest, turmoil and debate with its setup and there were mistakes made at that time (but) the bumps have been worked out and now it's quite cost-effective to maintain

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Trump not welcome in Canada

The Council launches online petition to say Donald Trump isn't welcome to visit Canada  Sign Here