Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bosnian killer free in Canada

Mayor 'furious' Bosnian killer free in Calgary

A fugitive from Bosnia wanted back in that country for an execution-style double murder in 1992 is a Calgary business owner, a taxpayer, and he has two Canadian-born children,  according to his lawyer.


Gavin Grant says 37-year-old Elvir Pobric has no criminal record and has been living here under his own name.

Pobric is free after being released in between hearings with Immigration Board officials.

His presence in Canada - and his past - came to light when one of his victims' relatives alerted police that he was here.

Pobric was serving 20 years in a Bosnian jail for killing two men and then burning their bodies.  He escaped in 1996 and arrived in Canada 3 years later.

Canada,land of the free.....disgusting isn't it

Trump not welcome in Canada

The Council launches online petition to say Donald Trump isn't welcome to visit Canada  Sign Here