Monday, April 07, 2008

Transit system shifting gears

One Person's View

Bill Scriven
Monday April 07, 2008
Woodstock Transit is about to enter a new era in its operations.
On Thursday night, city council threw its full support behind recommendations from the Mayor’s Transit Task Force. First off the block will be a new fare structure starting in July and new routes to be implemented possibly by October.
As has been mentioned in this space numerous times, Woodstock Transit is a much needed and highly valued operation relied upon by many people in our community. It may seem the buses travel their routes with very few passengers, but there are decent ridership numbers that hopefully will improve significantly under the new changes being implemented.
One change that will be appreciated by riders is scheduled to kick in at the end of June. Bus drivers will announce upcoming stops to passengers by way of a public address system. This is similar to systems such as the Toronto Transit Commission, although it can be difficult to hear upcoming stops particularly on the subway system.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to our transit system will be to the routes. With residential development in Woodstock heading north and northeast, new bus routes will be expanded to these areas. The changes are to take effect in October, about the time production is scheduled to begin at the Toyota assembly plant.
The transit system will only be used to its fullest if the routes accommodate those who use it. It appears the changes to the routes will provide more accessibility to citizens in our community. Check out the new routes at
Students are going to have to dig a little deeper to use Woodstock Transit, with student fares increasing to $2 from $1.
Look for a new logo and brand development as well for Woodstock Transit.
The system is moving along the right course as it moves into a new era.
If you haven’t travelled Woodstock Transit, give it a try and meet some of the finest transit drivers in the country.

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